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This dude is all upset that I haven't yet condemned a smear campaign against George W. Bush that does not, as far as I can tell, actually exist. If and when John Kerry's campaign starts making factually inaccurate attacks on the president, however, I assure you that I'll speak up against it. I don't see why I wouldn't. People seem to vastly overrate my personal and emotional interest in seeing Kerry win (among other things, some much worse things have happened to me in life than witnessing the reelection of a president I dislike). Given my personal situation, I have everything to gain from a second Bush administration -- I don't rely on government services, and my family has benefitted enormously from Bush's tax policies. From a professional point of view, Bush is the best thing to have ever happened to The American Prospect's circulation and fundraising. So I'll be fine eithe way. I think he's a bad president, and I'm not shy about saying so, but I have no intention of participating in some kind of smear campaign against him.

So show me a smear? I'm certainly not happy with Kerry's gross distortion of other people's writing on national television except for the fact that, when you look at it, that was Bush who did that. Kerry's distortion of his opponent's voting record would also be outrageous but, again, it was Bush who did that.

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