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Josh Marshall reports that Rep. Bob Matsui has passed away. A sad day. Along with his more noteworthy achievements, Rep. Matsui held the minor distinction of being one of just two members of the House I'd ever spoken to one-on-one. The other lost his seat in on November 2.

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By almost all accounts he was one of the good ones.

Rest in peace.

Posted by: def | Jan 2, 2005 3:48:52 PM

You crack me up Matt. As bereft as you may be in actuality over the man's death, your posting smacks of solipsism...just sayin.
Of course, that is the perogative of youth.

Posted by: Michael7843853 | Jan 2, 2005 4:16:39 PM

Bob Matsui really was one of the good guys in Congress, and he was my congressman until I was gerrymandered out of his district. We will really miss him, and miss one more Democrat in congress too, since the Gropenator is highly unlikely to appoint a Democrat to replace him.

Posted by: Vaughn Hopkins | Jan 2, 2005 5:05:55 PM

Oh that's really terrible. . . he and his wife were together such an exemplary pair of Golden Bears, I loved reading about them. There was something incredibly inspiring about a couple that together were so dedicated to public service. The kind of people who make you feel politics can be noble after all. And he fought the good fight on so many levels, while holding a not absolutely safe district.

Posted by: Saheli | Jan 2, 2005 6:01:55 PM

Gee Matt, that makes it doubly sad . . .

Posted by: SqueakyRat | Jan 2, 2005 7:51:01 PM

leave it to matt to name drop while announcing someone's death. Who talks like that? You could have just as easily said, I never got the chance to speak with the man but...

why do you feel it's necessary to point out how many members of the House you've spoken too while you're at it?

Posted by: Captain Obvious | Jan 2, 2005 8:03:58 PM

The good news, from TV, if you can believe it, is that a special election will have to be held to replace Matsui, and the Gropenator can't appoint a successor. We have an excellent candidate waiting in the wings, too, Darryl Steinberg. Just a small silver lining in that cloud.

Posted by: Vaughn Hopkins | Jan 2, 2005 8:33:33 PM

Cool new site look! Very nice.

You've only met two Congressmen? We have so many out here in California....at election time, it's incredibly hard to avoid them. :)

Posted by: Deborah White | Jan 2, 2005 8:35:34 PM

Oliver Willis has collected some of the freepers' reactions. It makes for unnerving reading.

Posted by: Pudentilla | Jan 2, 2005 8:47:07 PM

Geez you people. Considering he's a journalist specializing in National Security living in DC, two isn't very many--and that's because he's young. What I got out of the "name-dropping" was that Matsui was nice enough to spend time with a young journalist working with a fairly small magazine, and that Matt was hat-tipping him for it. Sheesh.

Posted by: Saheli | Jan 2, 2005 8:52:50 PM

Gosh, sorry folks, I just felt more bad about this than I would for your average congressman because, as I said, he happens to be one who was nice enough to take some time to talk to me and I figured proper obituaries would handle his actual, you know, accomplishments in life.

Posted by: Matthew Yglesias | Jan 2, 2005 9:06:21 PM

Ignore the critics, Matt. Your meaning was clear.

But if one congressperson you talked to died, and the other lost the election, I forbid you to talk to any more congresscritters.

You can give Tom DeLay a big smack on the cheeck, though.

Posted by: Tom S. | Jan 2, 2005 10:25:50 PM

Actually, I can think of quite a few Congresspeople that Matt should make a personal acquaintance with. Oddly enough they are all Republicans.

Posted by: Vaughn Hopkins | Jan 2, 2005 10:35:17 PM

It's not that hard to meet a congressman. Even I met one. I interviewd one for my high school newspaper. Of course, the guy was a right-wing dork. Sadly enough, the head of the Young Republican party in my high school was with me when I interviewed him - he was a dork also. I guess he was my minder.

Posted by: Dan the Man | Jan 3, 2005 12:10:21 AM

We're still dead too. And have you heard yet - we were NEW YORKERS.

Posted by: S Sontag & J Orbach | Jan 3, 2005 1:22:24 AM

The people facing the day of reckoning are the high-income folks who will soon need to start paying their bills. Rather than pony up the cash, they prefer to default. The voters -- and the congress -- shouldn't let them.

Huh? The voters just gave them the congress, the senate, the presidency and the supreme court for the next 40 years - don't you think you it's a bit late to panic now? Might as well relax and enjoy the ride. Don't worry - the voters will get exactly what they deserve.

Posted by: abb1 | Jan 3, 2005 6:31:02 AM

Ooops, sorry, this was for another thread, this one - Still No Crisis

Posted by: abb1 | Jan 3, 2005 7:00:59 AM

So maybe the Prospect should make covering the right side of the Congressional aisle your beat?

Posted by: Doug | Jan 3, 2005 7:49:18 AM

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