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Back In Effect

Anyone who's tried to call be for the past couple of days has doubtless noted that I didn't pick up the phone and haven't called you back. There've been some power supply issues with the mobile, you see. Today, via Fedex and a mere 24 hours late ("traffic problems" due to the convention) the necessary replacement component arrived and I should be back up and running shortly.

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matthew, i believe this is the 3rd such power supply you've gone thru since you got your swanky device. you should just get a couple for backup at this point.

Posted by: ayelish | Aug 31, 2004 2:44:53 PM

Not only the 3rd such power supply, I believe, but the 3rd such sent by overnight air. The man doesn't like to wait for the juice.

Posted by: Kriston | Aug 31, 2004 3:26:25 PM

How come you couldn't go to one of the several bazillion cellphone stores and kiosks in this fine city?

Posted by: phil | Aug 31, 2004 3:27:22 PM

Because Verizon doesn't carry accessories for the Samsung i600 in stores.

Posted by: Matthew Yglesias | Aug 31, 2004 4:16:53 PM

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