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Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty: Update

I just spoke with Daryl G. Kimball of the Arms Control Association whose remarks to The Economist were at the center of a weekend fracas between myself, Tom Maguire, and Mark Kleiman (see my original posts, Tom's reply, my correction and these two Kleiman posts). According to Kimball, and contrary to Tom's textual exegesis (which, I must say, is a pretty convincing exegesis), the Economist didn't get the story wrong. He has he thought my original post was over-interpreting the Economist article and that Tom's counter-response was underinterpreting the Pakistan and Israel angles.

Kimball seemed to resent being drawn into a blogospheric back-and-forth and suggested that folks who want to know the "official" ACA take should just read Wade Boese's article on the subject in Arms Control Today which suggests (though rather obliquely), that Pakistani (and Israeli) objections were one of several factors in play. ACA thinks (and I agree) that the administration is on the wrong side here. So there you have it.

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