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Homeland Security

Via Patrick Belton a Council on Foreign Relations rundown of Bush versus Kerry on homeland security. Assuming the Council has this right, the president has done various things, none of which Kerry seems to think we should undo. Kerry does, however, thing that we should do various additional things. Bush, it seems, does not think we should do any additional things.

So I guess if you think we should take no further steps in the field of homeland security Bush is the candidate for you. If, on the other hand, you take the threat of terrorism seriously and want to see additional precautions implemented, you ought to vote for Kerry. I note that near as I can discern, the anti-proliferation story is the same. Bush can cite some things he's done that have advanced this cause, and several of those really were good ideas. Kerry proposes doing some additional stuff, because he thinks complacency in the face of the primary security threat to the United States of America would be unwise. Bush feels otherwise.

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