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Let's Travel Back In Time To Stop Iran!

I continue to be interested in knowing what, exactly, the Iran hawks of the world want us to do. Henry Sokolski gives us the latest non-answer in a column in which he says, rightly, that the current situation would be a lot easier to deal with if the NPT weren't such a loophole laden treaty. He even provides some useful, and largely correct, suggestions for making it a better treaty. He's right. This is certainly something we should be doing. But here's the thing. Even though the NPT should say the things Sokolski says it should say, it doesn't say them. We can't go back in time, change the treaty, and then have handled the whole Iran thing differently in light of our superior treaty. So we still have no policy here. Meanwhile, Newsweek is making me very afraid. That story should have been much longer as the authors seem to have a ton of interesting information. Don't know what the editors are thinking.

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