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Jim Henley peers into the future. I continue to think that, realistically, the "bomb Iran" crowd is likely to lose out in interagency struggles even if George W. Bush is reelected. The odds that they will win, however, are non-trivial and in light of their ruthlessness and Leninist discipline they should not be underestimated. This certainly counts as a reason to hope Bush is defeated. The idea that we could mount a "limited strike" against a country that borders two different states currently under US military occupation is simply bizarre. The mess you'd see in Iraq after something like that would not be pleasant and the notion that the warbloggers' dearly beloved Iranian students would somehow leap to our assistance in an efficacious manner is silly. Next thing you know, Chalabi will show up in town again explaining that his dalliance with Iranian intelligence was designed to secure him an inside position to help us overthrow the Mullahs. Sweet dreams.

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