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Who Lost Turkey?

In the immediate aftermath of 9-11 it seemed that Turkey would be a crucial ally for the United States. It had always been an important country in light of its large population and strategic location, but now, things were different. Turkey, after all, was the very model of a modern Muslim polity. Exactly the sort of thing we went off to try and build in Iraq. Looking back from the future if things go badly, someone may well ask the question -- "who lost Turkey?" Who turned American best friend in the Muslim world against us? Who so devastated America's standing in Muslim public opinion that a majority-Islamic democracy cannot be considered a reliable ally? Coming as it does from a scholar at WINEP Soner Cagaptay's inquiry into the subject avoids stating its thesis clearly. Nevertheless, the account of the facts is clear. The Iraq War lost Turkey. George Bush lost Turkey. But at least we have Ahmed Chalabi Iyad Allawi to offer up as our shining beaco of hope.

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