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Anecdotal Evidence

I've heard a lot of second-hand anecdotal evidence to the effect that the Democrats are really, really mobilized this November. Today, I got some first-hand anecdotal evidence as I went to the video store to rent Season 1, Episodes 1-3 of The Wire and learned that the store would be closed on Tuesday because all the employees are taking the day off to work for Kerry in Northern Virginia or Pennsylvania. My father reports that an unprecedentedly large number of his acquaintances (including, apparently, Sigourney Weaver) are taking to the road to work in swing states.

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Matt, is you father Julio?

I never put the names together before. Cool if he is. Cool if he isn't.

Posted by: ken | Oct 31, 2004 9:09:51 PM

And the creatures from the "Alien/s"-movies will be out stumping for Bush, no doubt...

Posted by: G. Svenson | Oct 31, 2004 9:13:16 PM

And why the hell are you watching DVD's tonight instead of phone banking? Pundits need to put their shoulders to the wheel, too.

Posted by: fyreflye | Oct 31, 2004 9:15:04 PM

I'm poll watching for the DNC in PA (where I live). I was on a conference call this morning where they trained us (we're all lawyers) in election law and procedure for election day. It seemed like most of the people on the call were from NYC or the DC area, coming up/down to PA for the day to protect the polls here.

Posted by: Rich | Oct 31, 2004 9:17:54 PM

Uh, not for porn reasons, but for collector's reasons, how much are her grey panties from the set of Alien now worth?

Posted by: jerry | Oct 31, 2004 9:50:22 PM

MY's dad knows Sigourney Weaver? That's pretty cool. I guess anyone who's worked on a few major Hollywood films is going to have rubbed elbows with quite a few famous people.

Posted by: Haggai | Oct 31, 2004 9:52:26 PM

I'm assuming he's referring to Rafael, the novelist and screenwriter ("Fearless," "From Hell," etc.). Sigourney Weaver starred in the Roman Polanski-directed, Rafael Yglesias-penned adaptation of Ariel Dorfman's "Death and The Maiden."

If that's the case, tell your pa good luck on "Dark Water." The original Japanese film is scary as hell!

Posted by: BigShemp | Oct 31, 2004 9:57:41 PM

Just one small problem: God hates the Demokrat Traitor Partei. God hates baby killers and George W. Bush is Jesus-annointed. I bet you didn't take that in to consideration, eh Matt?

Resistance to Karl Rove is futile. Four more wars!!!

P.S. Empty Throne and Death to America.

Posted by: Modern Crusader | Oct 31, 2004 10:06:47 PM

Hm, I'm an undecided voter. Send Sigourney on by.

Posted by: Zizka | Oct 31, 2004 10:22:47 PM

All I have to say is, Game over, man! Game over!

Posted by: JP | Oct 31, 2004 10:31:06 PM

Rafael Yglesias is Matthew's pop? And I thought all these months that Matthew's dad was name Julio. :-)

Posted by: George | Oct 31, 2004 10:55:49 PM

Nice call, JP.

Posted by: Kriston | Oct 31, 2004 11:03:59 PM

I'm so horny tonight.

Won't someone of hot, hung, hairy male persuasion please email me?


Posted by: Modern Crusader | Oct 31, 2004 11:13:39 PM

Take a hint. Close down the blog until the polls close in your chosen swing state. I suggest West Virginia since you're close to it.

Posted by: Chief Pilot | Oct 31, 2004 11:32:43 PM

I know at least three people from here in the bag Illinois that are off to Wisconsin tomorrow to do some heavy canvassing.

Posted by: Vital Information | Nov 1, 2004 12:02:41 AM

"Take a hint. Close down the blog until the polls close in your chosen swing state. I suggest West Virginia since you're close to it."

Right, because nothing will get people to vote Democratic faster than MY telling them that their hometown is much worse than New York City.

Posted by: Delicious Pundit | Nov 1, 2004 12:04:55 AM

how about the letter from TPM


That brought tears to my eyes.

Posted by: Joel W | Nov 1, 2004 12:07:01 AM

I'm in Ohio! And there are lots of others like me too! Been running into other folks from other orgs while canvassing too.

Posted by: MattinBrooklyn | Nov 1, 2004 12:34:51 AM

Nightmare scenario: Everyone in NY and California hits the road to protect the vote in OH, PA, FL. Kerry sweeps the swing states but loses when the Dems in the blue states forget to vote.

Karl Rove, evil genius, wins again!

Posted by: space | Nov 1, 2004 2:44:09 AM

Yep. I was in Cincinnati with ACT and Anna Deveare Smith was there (playwright, also played NSA on "The West Wing) working the phones...

Posted by: jh | Nov 1, 2004 2:52:49 AM

I am going to New Hampshire with my best friend and his fiance. My father in law is going to Pennsylvania as a poll watcher. Others are doing stuff more locally.

After believing more or less since the convention that Kerry was going to lose...suddenly, for the past few days, I can't shake the feeling that we're going to win this thing.

Posted by: Katherine | Nov 1, 2004 2:55:40 AM

Space, there's this little thing called absentee voting. I've got a brother canvassing a swing state. He voted already.

Posted by: bad Jim | Nov 1, 2004 3:29:59 AM

I sure hope you're right. Conservatism can't take four more years of this President.

Posted by: Adam Herman | Nov 1, 2004 4:12:10 AM

Space, that's why I voted on Saturday.

Posted by: bunny | Nov 1, 2004 6:12:26 AM

My mom's retirement conveniently coincided with her decision to get more involved. She's spent the last two weekends in Scranton PA, says she sees a lot of positive momentum.

But then, we don't know Sigourney Weaver. ;)

Posted by: weboy | Nov 1, 2004 9:03:14 AM

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