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Based on my analysis of the nationwide tracking polls it's clear to me that either John Kerry or George Bush is going to win this election. Badnarik fans, Nader fans, sorry, but this just isn't your day. Maybe next time....

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Foiled again.

Posted by: BullMoose | Nov 2, 2004 10:43:50 AM

NO!!!! Damn you!!! Damn your eyes!!!!!

Posted by: G. Svenson | Nov 2, 2004 11:25:02 AM


This is the best analysis you've done in weeks!

Posted by: Noodles | Nov 2, 2004 12:09:09 PM

Yeah, last time, I was sure that Nader was going to win, but I have conceded that this is not his year. I think Kerry is going to beat Bush's electoral ass. Or maybe, Bush will have his electoral ass handed to him? Not sure which one is more apt.

Posted by: dan Austin | Nov 2, 2004 12:30:37 PM

I won't say who I think will win. It doesn't
matter. What I WANT to happen is have the
result clear cut by millions of popular votes
and at least 50 EV's.


That's the message we Americans need to
tell the rest of the world regardless
of party or candidate.

Posted by: pragmatist | Nov 2, 2004 12:37:27 PM

I voted for Tyler Cowen. I think his support is under-represented in the polls because none of the pollsters ever asks about him.

Posted by: fling93 | Nov 2, 2004 2:31:04 PM

France wins.

Posted by: God | Nov 2, 2004 3:29:46 PM

Actually, there was a problem with the Diebold machines. Walt Brown got Florida.

Posted by: Phersu | Nov 2, 2004 5:02:28 PM

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