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Bakruptcy Stuff

It seems doubtful to me that there's anything you, I, or anyone can do to really stop the bankruptcy bill at this point. Neverthelss, I'm told that members of the House Rules Committee almost never receive phone calls from constituents (or anyone else) on Rules issues. As a result, even a relatively small number of calls from people before their meeting at 5PM EST tomorrow to consider the rules under which the bill will be debated could change things. You can find the members here. The thing to ask is that the bill not be considered under "closed" or "restricted" rules and that, instead, members should be allowed to offer amendments. An open amendments process holds out a vague chance of killing the thing, and failing that will at least allow Democrats to force the GOP to go on record with various odious positions that oculd be used to hammer them in '06. So try to give them a call, especially if you happen to live in one of the members' districts.

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I thought this was already passed by both houses and signed. Am I wrong or is this a different bill?

Posted by: cynic | Apr 4, 2005 1:14:32 PM

be sure to ask for the Bakruptcy bill when you call them!

Posted by: GlennBridgman | Apr 4, 2005 1:18:06 PM

Fascinating this is coming up in the House during a week many of its members will be engaged in a show of mourning for the Pope, who, if I remember correctly, called for Jubilee debt relief (granted, to third world countries, but similar principles might apply here) and compassion for the poor.....

Posted by: flip | Apr 4, 2005 2:07:34 PM

Please fix the spelling of Bakruptcy. It's driving me nuts.

Posted by: jedmunds | Apr 4, 2005 4:03:16 PM

I used to be against the bill, but the Becker-Posner blog made a pretty convincing case in favor of it. Before calling, I'd urge all of you to take a look at their commentary...

Posted by: Dan | Apr 4, 2005 8:04:02 PM

Matthew, thanks for the "heads-up." It turns out that three of them are from Florida, so I will give them a call.

Posted by: Davei | Apr 4, 2005 9:23:47 PM

and after looking at Beckner-Posner, look at the Talking Points Memo link to informed and detailed criticism of their post by his Harvard prof, Elizabeth, from a day or so ago.

Posted by: Chris | Apr 6, 2005 4:21:14 PM

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