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The Game

I've been remiss in not gloating over Harvard's exciting defeat of Yale last weekend. The reason is that I've been hanging out with all these Texas grads who like to cast aspersions on the Crimson football program. Nevertheless, Ivy League football is endorsed by America's premiere source for white supremacist football commentary:

Think Ivy League. Though the Ivy league is not, strictly speaking, a Division I-A conference (it's Div. I-AA) its schools are so famous that an athlete that plays for one will have the rapt attention of the eastern media. Ivy League schools have to have a student body composed of the smartest students in the country, or risk losing their status as academic powerhouses. Quite simply put that means there are few slots open for non-white students, who on average score hundreds of points lower than their white counterparts on the SATs. Sure the schools can sneak a few affirmative action cases in on the sly but it is nearly impossible for them to find a way to house and educate the type of black "student-athletes" that play football at other universities. . . .

Watch an Ivy League game some time. It's like watching a game from the 1960s. A few black players scattered here and there, but mostly white players, and they're playing those positions forbidden to them at nearly all other schools. Running back, receiver, and corner back/safety. If you want a good education, and some good exposure for a very long-shot at the pros, the Ivy League is not a bad place for a white player to go.

I trust that even Larry Summers won't be going there. See also white supremacist basketball commentary:

Washington, D.C. is the capitol city of the “global revolutionaries” supposedly pushing “democracy” and “diversity” on the world – often at the point of a gun – but the basketball team representing Washington has no diversity. None at all. The curiously named Wizards boast the NBA’s only all-black roster. However, don’t expect any media outcry such as erupted when the Houston Astros won the National League pennant without any blacks; a lack of “diversity” is only bad when it’s blacks who are supposedly under-represented. No whites? That’s a wonderful thing in the anti-white Caste System.

No doubt San Antonio was dying to make that Ginobili-Jeffries trade, but the norotious racist Abe Polin wouldn't go for it.

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Ah, Ivy league football, as my dad (a Harvard alum twice over) said of the Harvard Yale game: "The Ivy League plays some of the best High School football around." Granted, my own beloved maroons are in no position to throw stones.

Posted by: Chris W. | Nov 27, 2005 5:12:27 PM

Or footballs, for that matter.

Ever see that shirt that lists, with a straight face, all of the University of Chicago's Big Ten football championships? It's a terrific little deadpan joke.

Posted by: The42ndGuy | Nov 27, 2005 7:40:45 PM

I've been remiss in not gloating over Harvard's exciting defeat of Yale last weekend.

Well, a win over Yale is nice, but it's not like Harvard won the Ivy League title or anything... unlike another school I know.

Posted by: Al | Nov 27, 2005 9:12:49 PM

That caste football white racism is kinda creepy. Aren't they taking this whole professional sports thing a bit too seriously?

Posted by: fnook | Nov 27, 2005 10:13:32 PM

As a USMA grad I can tell you that fielding a team that does well on SATs is a challenge. Another problem is that the student body (4,000) is just not large enough to support a football program that can be competitive. Enjoy it for what it is; a manifestation of school spirit and a chance to socialize at a sporting event.

Posted by: tankerboy | Nov 28, 2005 1:04:13 AM

The racist analysis is nonsense. If Harvard really admitted people on the basis of academic merit alone, there wouldn't be enough non-Jewish white guys to make a football team.

/ridiculous Asian-American chest thumping

Posted by: Neil the Ethical Werewolf | Nov 28, 2005 2:15:16 AM

I've been remiss in not gloating over Harvard's exciting defeat of Yale last weekend.

From the sound of it on the radio, the game was decided by whoever could last one damn possession without making a horrible mistake. In the dark.

Posted by: DonBoy | Nov 28, 2005 11:51:11 PM

DonBoy: See above, re: high school football. The Game is frequently very exciting for that reason. You get a lot more last-minute heroics and huge turn-the-game-around plays when the overall level of play is lower.

Another advantage of the Ivies: You can usually sit close enough that when you heckle, the players actually hear it. To say nothing of the rest of the universe.

Posted by: The42ndGuy | Nov 29, 2005 12:05:29 AM

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