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See You In Alero!

I just lack the skills as a writer to convey why, exactly, this article promising readers of The Hill "The Flavor of U Street" is so terrible. But if you know the area, and read the piece, you'll know -- it sucks. I just can't quite describe it, though the oozing condescension of this graf is certainly part of the problem:

However, the U Street corridor has become a new choice for upscale eating excursions. There are a handful of places whose food will not leave you wanting for the more traditional high-end establishments and where you will be comfortable wearing your better evening attire.

At any rate, Hill staffers have legendary reputations for being lame assholes, but given that this sort of thing is their main source of information it's hard not to sympathize.

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That crowd needs to stay away. They already have Local 16. Appeasement is no longer an option.

Posted by: tom | Apr 6, 2006 5:43:03 PM

Matt, update your bio page.

Posted by: tom paine | Apr 6, 2006 11:51:37 PM

Wow, that's....ghastly. Georgetown?!?!?!?!?!

Posted by: flippantangel | Apr 7, 2006 12:11:42 AM

Was the author of that piece *trying* to make it sound like some restaurant review assignment "Smoove B" handed in for his English class sophomore year, or did it just happen to turn out that way?

Girl, I will take you to the U Street Corridor and together we will enjoy fine dining of the type served in fine establishments of Georgetown. There will be low, blue illumination. Also, there will be large plasma television screens for you to watch whatever movie or sporting event your heart desires. I will shower you with gold and diamond, baby, and then I will demonstrate to you the fine wood-steel interplay at Creme. Because I am your man.

Posted by: pmp | Apr 7, 2006 1:01:41 AM

Staffers of either party are the lamest people I have ever met (with a few exceptions). I'm drinking, damnit. I don't care who you work for, please put the badge away before I punch you in the face.

I'm interested in starting a war between the preps and the hipsters over DC nightlife. Maybe we can successfully defend Wonderland and even take back Saint Ex.

Posted by: Cain | Apr 7, 2006 2:38:19 AM

Cain, dude. We're headed over to Smith Point again tonight to start a rumble. You should come, and bring a stick or a bat or something. Oh, and a credit card. (And for the love of God, not that Discover card you used last time -- remember, we're trying to blend in.) Also, it's OK to wear a trucker hat on this trip -- just make sure the irony embodied in the slogan on the front is less subtle than last time.

Posted by: pmp | Apr 7, 2006 7:39:35 AM

Off topic, my favorite part about the Letter streets is the 100 block listed on the sign. The combination of the two gives us a sign in DC that says 'G Unit'.

Posted by: Crack | Apr 7, 2006 10:07:52 AM

I just lack the skills as a writer to convey...

I think DCeiver conveys it quite well (fifth item).

Posted by: Ed | Apr 8, 2006 11:04:41 AM

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